5 Things To Consider About Bounce Rate

Submitted by Bounce Controller on Thu, 08/27/2015 - 17:37

Here is a short list of 5 important aspects you need to consider with regard to bounce-rating reduction.

  1. Understand who is visting your website and where they have clicked through from. Apart from Google Analytics there are many plugins/modules available for many frameworks that allow you to track the 'referer' reference directly within your sites backend.
  2. Understand what your visitors are after and why/how they have clicked through to your website. This can be acheived in may ways, partly by analizing the 'referer' data again, perhaps using a Poll and primarily by determing the actions of the vistor whilst they are at your site. Exit Conversion provide a very useful API that can be used not only as a Poll but also to deliver 'targeted marketing' data that is relevent for the page they are on or for your website in general.
  3. Maximise your website user-experience by standardising the user-interface. Dont try to reinvent the wheel. To many websites have poor navigation and ever poorer pathway tracking (if any). make it easy for visitors to find the gold-nugget that hidden within your site. A marketing API like the one provided by Exit Conversion can help you help your vistors find axactly what they need.
  4. Create navigation that leads to the areas you want vistors to reach. Ensure that every page has a doorway leading to the place you want them. Once again, the need to capture a visitors attention if it looks like they are leaving, and provingthe vital information at the last moment can save you a lot of bounces.
  5. Consider the 'Mobile First' trend which is happening globally. With an ever increasing population with their head stuck into their handheld devices the day of the desktop site are slowly fading into the history books. Having said that, you might want to consider that there are options aprt from responsive to acheive that goal, and one is to use a dedicated mobile site that feeds data from your base site. A responsive site alone is still going to slow as they tend to be delivering oversized data payloads which simply and up 'hidden', and, they cany make the most of creating a site that look and works like a native app. The website at www.mfmaw.com has information on some nifty alternatives.


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