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An 'Exit Grabber' is an apt description for the  'API' application provided by Exit-conversion. They like to think that their Software Service is more like an exit controller or an exit convertor. Another applicable description would be that it's a Bounce Rating fixer. However you look at it, its an exit-grabber system like no other. their application considered a one-of-a-kind and is far superior than any other software or code that attempts to do the same task.

Is your website bounce rate higher than 60% ? - if so,  the page exit  prevention API provided by Exit-conversion can help your website more than any other immediate improvement

An Exit Grabber API will grab a visitors attention at that critical point when they have lost interest in your webpage and provides a means to place offers, specials and your most important information right there for the website visitor to see and interact with. It will enable you to easily enhance your websites capability to resist visitor page-exits. Your sites bounce-rating statistics will stabilise and for your Marketing Team will have a powerful tool to maintain targeted content for your web pages. Your business will thrive and your website will become your primary marketing tool.

Statistics from recent surveys reveal that up to 97% of website visitors leave before opening a second page and using an exit-prevention API will be your first line of defense against this statistic

These are four typical visitor actions that can be identified as a bounce from your site and typically signal that the visitor’s expectations were unmet and their conversation was incomplete.

  1. Clicks the back button (most common)
  2. Closes the browser (window/tab)
  3. Types a new URL
  4. Does nothing (session times out after 30 min

Of these 4 actions, at least 3 are very easily prevented by using the API availbale at Exit Conversion. Their Software-Subscription-Service has a level to suit many different requirements.

An optimal range for bounce-ratings start at a healthy 20% and tops out at 60% - results lower than 20% may indicate coding errors with your analytical software and results higher than 60% indicate that atention is required to improve your websites exit-page resitance

Is there more information you require about page-exits or exit-grabbing software? If so, leave a comment.  If nothing else, we hope this post will help you gain an insight into the possibilities that are available to you to assist in bounce rate reduction.

Searching the internet will reveal that there are few, if any, dedicated software services that can help maintain website visitor duration beyond their landing page or their entry page.

93% of users will follow a link on the first page of search results - don't let your Search-marketing go to waste -  use best practices for design and content when cunstructing and populating your website

 Exit Conversion can provide you with a Free test version or should you require the resources a full Enterprise version of their Software Subscription Service. Their API provide the means to display targeted data including YouTube Videos and specific data from scripts on your website.

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